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Give a child you love the grounding gift of gardening

See what it's all about!

In the 12 module course your child will

  • plant, harvest, & eat organic vegetables, fruits, and (yes!) flowers for a spring to summer garden

  • learn to respect and care for pollinators 

  • grow their own toppings for the final module pizza party

  • enjoy downloadable activity sheets that reinforce course content

  • learn skills for a lifetime of wellness that comes from connection to the earth 

and so much more!

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Pre-sale pricing

Each course includes:


  • Twelve 10-15 minute learning modules geared toward ages 5-12.

  • 20% discount on all products in the Grounded Shop 

  • Supplemental materials for your child such as printable coloring pages, achievable goals throughout the course, and a certificate of completion.


More great ways to get kids growing:


Send me an email to book any of these offerings

Meet Emily


I have started organic gardens in schools and for refugees, and transformed my own yard into a flourishing, edible landscape with fruiting trees & shrubs, vegetables, flowers, and herbs. 

Teaching others to confidently grow a nourishing garden is my passion, whether to a kindergarten student or an empty nester. I believe in the power of gardens to ground us in wellness for mind, body, & spirit!

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  • Will I need to buy more than one course if I have several children, or may they all share one?


They may all share one course…but all huddled around one screen might be an issue as it will draw children from far and wide.


  • How will I access the course?


Each of the 12 modules are available as individual videos on the Grounded Kids Grow website. Once you register you will become a Site Member and have full access.


  • Will the course be ours to keep once completed?


Yes! You will have lifetime access to the full course.


  • Do you offer any sort of return policy?


I believe you will be more than 100% satisfied but if not don't hesitate to reach out within 14 days after launch of the first episode for a full refund.



  • Do you offer one-on-one garden consulting if I and/or my child wants more guidance?


Yes! You can find all the digs on my consulting services at


  •  How can I contact you?


You can fill out the Get In Touch form below or reach me at

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